School is OPEN

Due to COVID-19, no in-person visits are being scheduled during school hours.
You are very welcome to schedule a virtual video conference/tour.

Thanks for understanding and please stay tuned for further updates.

Bienvenidos a Maracas Montessori
Programa de Inmersión total en Español

2021-2022 school year
Please "CLICK HERE" to submit your APPLICATION FORM.

  • Children's House (3 to 6 years old): JUST A FEW SPOTS AVAILABLE.
  • Toddlers Community (15months to 3 years old) is already FULL.

    AFTERNOON CLUBS 2021-2022
    Enrollment is OPEN for the AFTERNOON CLUBS 2021-2022: Spanish, Music and Art.  PLEASE "CLICK HERE" FOR THE APPLICATION FORM.

    SUMMER CAMP 2021
    Enrollment is FULL for all weeks of SUMMER CAMP 2021.  Thank you for your preference and support.

    Our mission at Maracas Montessori is to enrich children by providing opportunities to strengthen all areas of their development in a comprehensive way, creating a safe and intentionally designed environment where they can discover the pleasure of learning.

    All of this is achieved through a Montessori program fully immersed in the Spanish language.
    Our programs are designed for children from the ages of 15 months old up to 6 years old.

    Please explore our website, feel free to join our mailing list to stay connected, and e-mail us to to schedule a tour or if you have any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you soon!

    Why Spanish?

    Exposing your child to Spanish improves linguistic, cognitive and creative abilities. Spanish is a powerful communication tool that increases professional opportunities and facilitates participation in an every day more connected global community.

    Why Montessori?

    Montessori unveils in the child the pleasure of learning!  Enrolling your children in a Montessori setting empowers and challenges them and makes them confident and independent.  If you are not familiar with Montessori, we strongly recommend discovering more about this wonderful educational method.


    Incorporating both the Spanish language and the Montessori method, Maracas prepares your child for life through teaching respect, independence and appreciation of the environment.  We are passionate about providing your child a place to enrich his/her knowledge, be loved, and enjoy life!

    Special IN-PERSON programs to support alumni attending Wake County Public School System WCPSS VIRTUAL ACADEMY. These will run until JUNE 2021.

    Schedule a Visit to Maracas Montessori
    The best way for you to know if Maracas is right for your child is to come in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

    Due to COVID-19 only virtual tours are being scheduled.